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President: Tracy Hill
Secretary:Karen Holder
Treasurer: Charmain wait


National WIN

SAWIN is an affiliated member of the Womens Industry Network
Seafood Community
which is our national body

WINSC offers many opportunities to WIN members
and keeps you informed of issues affecting women
in the seafood industry

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  • Women have always been an integral part of the SA Seafood Industry however traditionally there was little emphasis placed on the role and contribution women.
  • Women have not played an active role in industry decision-making.
  • In addition, the seafood industry was very regionalised and many women felt isolated.
  • That was about to change, in 1996 a group of key women associated with the fishing industry in South Australia were brought togther to explore opportunities for involvement.
  • As a result the Women’s Industry Network (WIN) was formed.
  • In 1998 WIN conducted a State Conference that resulted in the preparation of a strategic plan. The main aim of WIN was: to tackle important issues to ensure a positive future.
  • The organisation became active in the promotion of the industry, in addition to its members becoming more involved in policy and decision-making bodies.
  • The Women’s Industry Network of South Australia through their initiative and determination provided a valuable model for women involved in the fishing and seafood industries through out Australia.
  • It was their preparedness to become actively involved in both industry issues within their own state, as well as becoming informed of the potential to work at a national level, which resulted in a National Conference for Women in the Fishing and Seafood Industry.
  • The purpose of the organisation was defined as: Network members influencing decision making to ensure a profitable, dynamic, secure, innovative and sustainable industry – an industry which is proactive and responsive to the needs of the industry and community.
  • A grant was secured through the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to hold a National Conference that reflected the diversity within the industry, with representation from fishers, importers and exporters, peak industry bodies, Government, processors, educators, researchers and environmentalist.
  • The National organisation is known as the Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC).
    WINSC has members in every state and territory of Australia.
  • SA WIN will be continuing to work with government to ensure that much more consideration is given to the social impacts of decision and policy making.
  • SA WIN has recognised the many skills and attributes of women in the industry and has encouraged their development. It has capitalised on these skills and attributes for many of the workshops and projects that have been undertaken over the past 12 years.
  • By recognising the potential of women in the industry, many have gone on to become active in key management and supporting roles.
  • A core group of dedicated women form a variety of sectors of the South Australian Seafood Industry are continuing the original vision of 1996. If you would like to be know more about SA WIN or would like to participate in some way please contact us