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President: Tracy Hill
Secretary:Karen Holder
Treasurer: Charmain wait


National WIN

SAWIN is an affiliated member of the Womens Industry Network
Seafood Community
which is our national body

WINSC offers many opportunities to WIN members
and keeps you informed of issues affecting women
in the seafood industry

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There were many reasons why our Women’s Industry Network (WIN) was founded in South Australia, but the main two were :

  1. Originally WIN only involved the wild harvest sector which had a very poor public image and was being severely impacted upon by political decisions. This was often based on lack of education and mis- information, past history and poor practices in fisheries overseas. This reputation which is not deserved was a reality. The industry needed to improve the public's perception of what they do for a living.
  2. The social impacts on families, businesses and communities were not taken into account when politicians slashed fishing families’ livelihoods for a variety of reasons. It is pretty easy to take a fisherman’s livelihood away and throw him out on the street, but a little harder when his wife and children are in the same position. It gave these “blokes in boats” a more acceptable image.

WIN gives industry a human face, Women have been doing half the work anyway, all the onshore work, including most of the office work, marketing, radio work, spare parts pick up and delivery, public relations etc.

The politicians and bureaucrats needed to be aware of the consequences of their decisions and SAWIN, and eventually with a National Body WIN Seafood Community, raised the industry profile, and made sure that social as well as economic and environmental impacts were considered.

As the organisation grew and matured it was recognised that it needed a more inclusive membership was required and the net was cast out to anyone affiliated with the seafood industry. This included the decision makers, women in other sectors of the industry, support and training organisations and anyone with an interest in the industry. SAWIN even also happy to have men involved.