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President: Tracy Hill
Secretary:Karen Holder
Treasurer: Charmain wait


National WIN

SAWIN is an affiliated member of the Womens Industry Network
Seafood Community
which is our national body

WINSC offers many opportunities to WIN members
and keeps you informed of issues affecting women
in the seafood industry

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Complete Seafood Experience

At 5 stalls the discoverer could complete an activity or answer a question-at SAWIN our activity was to colour in or identify 1 of the species oyster, abalone, blue crab, prawn, snapper, rocklobster, and yelloweyed mullet. We had a terrific response to the colouring in which was also its own competition with a winner each day for a Seafood Story Book and a Toys R Us voucher. With over 100 entries each day it was a random selection not a talent competition and we will put these pictures to good use in some public displays. Other stops were at PIRSA for information, SARDI to look at the aquarium, Oceanwatch to play snakes and ladders or find out about the BRDs and find a fishy fact or more at Wildcatch

There were a total of 36 stalls to look at including SARDI, PIRSA, Australian Fisheries and Maritime Academy, the Naval association, the history of the Salvemini Family, Quinn Marine, Southern Fishermans Association, a net boat and net fisherman, an abalone boat and abalone fisherman, Oceanwatch/SEANET, Wildcatch, Najaars Cafe, Outback Pride products & cooking demos by Indigenous Chef Mark Olive.  Seafood for sale included Kinkawooka mussels, Coorong Wild Seafood fresh and smoked fish, Zimmerman Fisheries fresh seafood and Oysters from Smoky Bay and Stansbury.

An added bonus was the attendance of 2 Gulf St Vincent Prawn trawlers and a crab boat at the wharf and this was the main thoroughfare for people to get to and from the festival car park.

Completion of the Seafood Discovery Trail brought people back to the SAWIN stall for entry into the daily prizes of 1st- $200 seafood voucher from the Fish Factory, Pikes Wines, Toys R Us voucher and Oceanwatch merchandise. 2nd$100 seafood voucher, Pikes Wines, Toys R Us voucher and Oceanwatch merchandise. 3rd - $50 seafood voucher, Pikes wines, Toys R Us voucher and Oceanwatch Merchandise.

SAWIN used the opportunity to give away copies of the Cook and WIN No 2 cookbook and a gold coin donation for the Cook and WIN No 1 cookbook as well as distribute information leaflets. This now means we only have a few copies of the cookbooks left and can concentrate on new editions.

We have just heard that this part of the Festival is to be repeated next year, so the task will be to attract more than the 18,000 people to the Complete Seafood Experience of the 27,000 attendees to the Port Festival. It was a great weekend with free entry to the Maritime, Aviation and Railway museum and the inclusion of a local artist sales area. We can’t vouch for this personally because those of us at the Complete Seafood Experience didn’t get an opportunity to get out and about as it was so wonderfully busy. There was a real positive vibe from all of the viewers and participants.

SAWIN thanks all of the stallholders and attendees for making it such a successful day and of course our volunteers, without whom we could not participate in these types of events.

Some of the entires to the colouring competition

There are some very colourful fish!!




Complete Seafood Experience

Karen Holder at the SAWIN stall.

SAWIN participated in the inaugural “ Complete Seafood Experience” as part of the Port Festival over the week-end of the 8th and 9th October 2011. Our role was to be the beginning of the Seafood Discovery Trail- an interactive way of going around the Complete Seafood Experience developed by Nathan Bicknell the SA Seanet officer with Oceanwatch. We shared a marquee with a face painter and children’s activities.

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WIN at the 2009 Taste SA Pavillion Royal Adelaide Show

2009 Taste SA Pavillion Royal Adelaide Show 2009 Taste SA Pavillion Royal Adelaide Show

At the 2009 SA Seafood Awards, secretary Tracy Hill announced the main WIN projects for the next two years

One was to hold the 2011 Seafood Awards in Port Lincoln, and the other was to represent the Seafood industry at the Royal Adelaide Show

Ferguson Australia stepped in to partner with WIN as we were unable to secure product this year to participate in the Yellow Brick road. However we are confident that this will be a reality next year.

The stall was decorated with the Big fish from the Awards night and displayed quality photographs, brochures, prize draws and recipe books for sale. Fergusons sold their condiments and specialty foods.

WIN's plan was to provide information to the public, but this plan was sunk on day one as visitors to the stall expected to try seafood. A quick rethink took place it was decided to give the public what they wanted. A quick trip to Meningie to get fish and cooking equipment rescued what could have been a disaster.

The gamble paid off and tastings of fish on bread were sold for $1 each. In addition Fergusons made available some of their lobster and lemon infused oils which when added to some egg mayonnaise made a fantastic dressing for the tasty fish.

Customers were impressed with the result with over 7,000 tastings cooked from a single electric frying pan. It added to the workload but the response was terrific.

In addition it gave us a captive audience to talk about the industry, and issues affecting it. Nathan Bicknell from SEANET attended with some interesting support material. Brochures from several industry groups, FRDC, MSC and Wildcatch were on display. WIN aslo produced stickers and gave away ballons, pencils and rulers. Several recipe books were sold.

Stall costs, wages, cooking supplies and most expenses were covered by the sales which means that the balance WIN bank account can still be used for future projects.

It was very tiring but rewarding and Taste SA was definately excited that we represented the SA Seafood Industry. We will be holding a meeting to decide if we do something similar next year or not.

However it did prove once again that the South Australian public wants to have access to local seafood.

Our major project for 2008 has been to purchase all remaining copies of “The Seafood Story” and provide them to 157 South Australian primary schools.

The Workboot Series is a collection of high quality, innovative books featuring Australian farming industries and the story of food and clothing from the farm to the supermarket. This series was published by the Kondinin Group.

WIN also purchased the remaining stock of “Workboot Series - Seafood Resource Kit” that accompanies the Seafood story book. This Resource Kit includes ready-to-use lesson notes, activity pages and resource sheets for seven of the eight key learning areas.

The lucky schools who receive these will be encouraged to use the “Seafood Resource Kit” as part of their curriculum.

This huge undertaking was only possible with the funds raised at the 2007 South Australian Seafood Awards and the generous assistance of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
>>project report
Workbook Series - The Seafood Book
Workbook Series - The Seafood Book

Many workshops have been held for our members including: “Capitalising on the Talents of SA Fishing Women”, “Empowering Fishing Women to Capitalise on Networks” and Several workshops on Working with the Media and Corporate Governance.

Organised training days on meeting roles and procedures.

WIN members have been involved in organising industry displays and historical projects on fishing in their regions

The State Seafood Industry Awards program have been established

WIN Seafood Cookbooks have been collated and printed

SAWIN coordinated the South Australian Maritime Museum “Catch of the Day” and also participated in the Basin Bytes website project.

We were involved with the Living Health project “Eat well, live well”

Actively involved in World Environment Day using the theme of the “River Murray and Lakes and Coorong”.

WIN has cooked and provided seafood tastings to the public, up to 8,000 people At SARDI open days.
WIN has cooked and provided seafood tastings to the public, up to 8,000 people At SARDI open days.

Lakes and Coorong WIN group catered for the 2003 Regional Tourism Awards in the Limestone Coast region and were involved in the “Coorong Good Food” program cooking fish and assisting the Meningie Area School students for tastings at the Royal Adelaide Show

Some of the projects organised by WIN are: Bureau of Rural Sciences study “Understanding the Roles of Fishing Women” and “Seafood Women Embrace Best Practice Decision-making – “A calling of Seafood Women to Action”

Some WIN members have since gone on to be active participants in their associations and peak industry bodies and industry women have won RIRDC Rural Woman of the Year in SA.